Product Overview

Smart Machine Insights

  1. Identify Key Patterns, Anomalies and Relations in Big Data
  2. Reduce Time to Insights
  3. Enhance the Quality of Decision Making
  4. Democratize Big Bata Insights within the enterprise
  5. Liberate Data Scientists by automating Exploratory Analysis
  6. Ensure Big Data Security with Role-based Access
Smart Insights

Smart Insights

Experience the benefits of analytics sans complexity.

Yes ,DataRPM can automatically summarize your data to monitor data behavior and quality. It can also identify key patterns and relationships in the data using sophisticated statistical
algorithms without the business user even knowing about it.

Most importantly it presents the results in plain business language for business users to comprehend thus reducing time to insights and enhancing quality of decision making.

Smart Answers

DataRPM is the industry's first and only solution to provide a natural language and search-based interface to analyze big data. Just point to your data source, let DataRPM's smart machine analytics solution index your data and then start asking your business questions to instantly get visualized results.

DataRPM translates the business question into the appropriate data query automatically, triggers the query and return the results in real-time with the best matching visualization. You can slice-dice, drill-down and filter the results on the fly. Even better, DataRPM automatically creates queries that you might find interesting using heuristics and machine learning .

Smart Answers
Smart Prediction

Smart Prediction

DataRPMā€™s Smart Prediction lets business users leverage the power of predictive analytics, without requiring knowledge of data science or coding experience. Users can predict business scenarios even using Natural Language Query Interface. Smart Prediction offers users to wide ranges of industry proven algorithms to choose from.

Smart Suggestions

For users who need to squeeze their time to insights, we present Smart Suggestions. Now when a user accesses report or dashboard for analysis, DataRPM automatically suggests other reports that might help business users get a deep dive into their analysis. Smart Suggestions is powered by machine learning and heuristics.

Smart Suggestions
Smart Data Modeling for Hadoop

Smart Data Modeling for Hadoop

Hadoop data lakes contain peta bytes to zeta bytes of data from multiple data sources. Identifying relationships between multiple files in a data lake can be a daunting task.

But not with DataRPM as you don't have to worry about doing aggregations as DataRPM does that automatically for you. Just point DataRPM to your data lake, it will automatically and dynamically create data models and identify entities and relationships in your data. Thus Smart Data Modeling automates the entire data modeling process.

Smart Collaboration

Data analysis becomes much more effective when people can discuss action items and generally collaborate. Traditional way of exporting static reports images and collaborating over multiple email threads is highly cumbersome and in- effective.

Hence DataRPM has collaboration built into the product where users can spurt intelligent, in-place discussions backed by data and make knowledgeable data-driven decisions on reports and even specific data points, reply on existing discussions and include and address specific users in a discussion thread. Discussions are real-time and live which makes it more effective and drives quick actions on data.

Smart Collaboration
Functional & Data Security

Functional & Data Security

We understand that security is of utmost importance in BI and Analytics and even more on a cloud service. As such, security has been a key criteria of our product and platform design.

DataRPM enables Project Admins to define various role based security groups with access restrictions into datasets, explorations, reports and dashboards.

We also have state of art security on our data storage layer which resides in distributed binary files.

More Under The Hood at DataRPM:


Disk storage with intelligent Just In Time (JIT) Memory to scale out for big data on cheap commodity hardware.


No pre-aggregated cubes. Real-time distributed computation enables ad-hoc analysis.


Smart Machine learns continuously from user behavior and gets smarter over time.


Programmable javascript interface to create rich custom visualization using libraries like D3.


Easy drop-in embeddable analytics in any browser-based software with Single Sign-On (SSO).


Unique auto-managed SAAS-efficient delivery on cloud as well as on premises.