Product Overview


Business Insights Recipes

Identify signals automatically from high dimensional and high cardinal data sources. These patterns and anomalies help in generation of powerful new business hypothesis, on the problem of interest like customer retention. Business users, analysts and data scientists can then dig deeper into these machine-generated hypotheses to find business-transforming insights.

Data Fusion

Delivers amazing insights by adding granularity to your in-house data with relevant external data. Data are like pieces of the insights puzzle. Individual pieces when analyzed in silos can be misleading. But assembling all pieces of internal and external data reveals the complete picture that can lead to business-transforming decisions.

Natural Language Question Answering Interface

Provides the ability to talk to your data and get answers instantly for any ad-hoc query without having to navigate through the maze of tools, programming languages and complex technologies. This puts the power of data analysis directly on the fingertips of the business users and makes them truly independent when it comes to getting insights from their data.