You need to make decisions fast. But it takes too long to get insights from your data.
You talk naturally. But your data doesn't speak up unless you hire an expert translator
You have a business problem now. But
the answer exists across multiple data silos.
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For Business Users

Smart Machine Insights

DataRPM uses machine learning algorithms to get you to the deepest insights in the shortest possible time, and letting you spend more time acting on them instead of finding them It also guides you along by proactively performing the next best analysis and suggesting further insights, giving you a head start on the next directions to explore.

Talk to Your Data in Plain English

Smart Machine Insights makes advanced analytics accessible to everyone via a Natural Language Question Answering interface. Our user interface lets business people ask questions in plain English. There’s no advanced training, no software to install. All you need to know is what you want to know and how to type.

Get What You Want Now

Because DataRPM takes care of the modeling and analysis, you can ask your questions and get answers right away, without waiting for someone to set up or manipulate the data.

For Technical Users

Easier, Faster Modeling

Our product’s Smart Data Modeling takes care of the most of the heavy-lifting by using algorithms to automatically detect entities and relationships that exists in your Hadoop Data Lake. It then suggests data models that you can select. This saves time and helps you focus on discovering insights rather than on data wrangling.

Run Natively on Hadoop

DataRPM runs natively within your Hadoop deployment to automatically provide Smart Insights at scale on data from disparate data sources that flow into your Hadoop Data Lake. It can directly process data in delimited flat files (like CSV, PSV, TSV etc), AVRO, Parquet formats and also those residing in the HBase, Spark and other engines in the Hadoop ecosystem.

Advanced Statistical and Machine Learning Algorithms

DataRPM automatically performs parametric and non- parametric statistical analysis on high dimensional data, runs supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms and conducts hypothesis tests to evaluate significance of identified patterns, anomalies and variations from data to yield interesting inferences. It applies ranking algorithms based on significance and collaborative filtering to deliver insights of interest to users along with appropriate visualizations.

DataRPM is trusted by:

center for international policyDept of commerce USCareflowWoltersThree pillar globalSilver of time
WEOSigmaCisco SystemsCaptoraScouts canada

What I'm most excited about in DataRPM Instant Analytics platform is the ability to integrate disparate data in a meaningful and cost effective way and now have an ability to collaborate among our team globally. This in turn allows us to better manage the business rather than it managing us. It's not a reporting tool, it's a business alignment and decision solution.

Ken Quaglio, COO of 3Pillar Global

DataRPM’s single stack platform eliminates the needs for multiple products and enables our customers to visualize their data in the most natural way by embedding in our existing products which will create tremendous benefits by providing context awareness of subscribers for our carrier customers, while introducing new revenue streams for TNS. We required a technology that would allow us to easily segment, predict and target customers with greater accuracy, especially as the big data analytics telecom market is expected to continue its rapid growth in years to come.

Shankar Rao, CTO of Telecom Services Division of Transaction Network Services

Our users love how simple the solution is yet very feature rich and for the first time we are in the driver seat as business users

Donald Prodehl, VP R&D of Avectra

For us some of the deciding factors for signing on with DataRPM were: We now have access to comprehensive, real time, analytical reports anytime and anywhere the internet is accessible. Affords us the ability to collaborate with colleges; to assess real time data and make crucial day to day business decisions. DataRPM’s knowledgeable and friendly staff provides quick response support; while working with us, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Kim Youngren, COO of MCWE

DataRPM’s ability to embed dashboards and reports into our application has been a key differentiator for CareFlow. In addition, we are working on a project to standardize student health data that is collected by schools nationally. DataRPM will be a tremendous asset in making sense of all of that data, finding health trends, and determining what care models work the best for students of all ages.

Brian Biddulph-Krentar, Board Chairman of CareFlow
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