The Future of Industrial IoT is Right Here

Pioneered by DataRPM's Cognitive Predictive Maintenance Platform. CPdM enables organizations to boost their revenue by creating a failure
proof environment that functions at optimum efficiency.


How Does it Do That?

By harnessing the power of cognition, asset intensive organizations gain exceptional control over the torrent of sensor data coming from every machine.

What Are The Results?

Enhanced Asset Failure Management

- Reduce unplanned downtime by 90%

- Optimize inventory cost by 20%

- Boost Overall Equipment Effectiveness
(OEE) by 35%

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Guaranteed Yield Maximization

- Enhance asset life by 35%

- Improve output quality by 25%

- Increase asset's operational efficiency by 50%

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Our Impact

ingested 572.2 TB of Data

Derived 89117 Insights

Delivered 29332 outcomes

Clients across 4 continents

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